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"I picked up Dr Marlowe’s name from the BBC 2 program ‘Diagnostic Detectives’ of which she appeared in. She mentioned Lyme Disease when reviewing a case study. This related to me. I quickly contacted Sarah her secretary and booked telephone appointment as a face to face was unavailable due to the pandemic. It turned out to be a life saver as even though my GP suggested I send my bloods to a German laboratory for Borrelia burgdorferi of which I had a positive result, she said she was unable to treat me as I had been ill for too long. Two and a half years and feeling very unwell.

In the program Dr Marlowe mentioned that ‘patients want to be heard and believed’ and that exactly what she did. She started me on antibiotic treatment after further blood tests. Treatment has had its ups and downs but with Dr Marlowe’s perseverance and mine we are tackling my symptoms. 

Finding someone to treat me for Lyme Disease and co- infections through the pandemic has given me hope. She has been very understanding and caring but above all she believed me. I now have hope."


"I first contacted Dr Marlowe as I was still having problems with Lymes and wanted to speak to an expert to help find out what the Borrellia had done to my system.   After my initial consultation with Dr Marlowe I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders that I had found the right person with the breadth of knowledge and experience to get to the bottom of what was going on.  I found her warm, straight-forward and instantly likeable and she continues to provide me with that support and knowledge."

"I am so grateful for Dr Marlowe’s care and medical expertise after I came back from overseas having not been well for a few months. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and had found it difficult to get the help I needed elsewhere here. I had a thorough examination and lots of tests, and then follow up appointments which were so helpful.  Dr Marlowe listened and took me seriously, which was such a relief. Now, following treatment, I am feeling much better which is such a blessing. I am thankful to God for leading me to Dr Marlowe!"

"Dr Marlowe has successfully treated two members of our family for different problems.  She has an engaging and approachable manner.  You feel comfortable and confident in relating your symptoms, as she listens without judgement.  Most importantly she thinks outside the box, joins up the dots and is able to provide sensible, understandable advice.  I would highly recommend Dr Marlowe and her team."

“Following a long bout of ill health and a number of frustrating appointments with other medical practitioners, Dr Marlowe was the most considered, pro-active, involved and responsive by far. My symptoms were varied and complex but her consultations took the time to cover off all of the issues and considered them in the treatments prescribed. This was a great emotional and psychological support as well as medical. All of this achieved under the pressure of Covid makes it a truly notable service.”

"Following his consultation with Dr Marlowe midway through his antibiotic course, the patient's symptoms rapidly improved even further. Only a few days later he became completely asymptomatic, and we are thrilled to say that he has been ever since. It is a better result than we could ever have imagined. He is starting a new job next month, and has been challenging himself physically since becoming better by redecorating a relative’s house daily.


Very rarely, if very tired, he may have a single “jerk” when he lies down at bed time, but other than that he experiences no other symptoms - he can drive, walk unaided, return to normal sleep pattern, no breathlessness...He’s just like he was before he fell ill. We cannot thank you enough for taking him on as your final patient before the sabbatical, and believing in us enough to prescribe the treatment. We have our life and future together back, and are even considering starting a family - something we never could have dreamed of before.


With this in mind, and finances still restricted, we are unsure that we require an appointment with Dr Marlowe given that he appears to be fixed. However, we would like to forward our deepest gratitude, and hope that we may contact you in the future should there be any deterioration in his condition."

"Dr Marlowe is a rare find – a specialist who takes a holistic view of her patients. She treats her patients with professionalism and empathy, listening carefully, examining thoroughly and observing closely. Her highly detailed approach means that she can spot signs that might otherwise be missed, making her adept at finding answers for patients who have complex conditions that have left other doctors scratching their heads."

Doctor Marlowe is incredible. Not only has she taken great care of my health, but she is lovely to speak with at every appointment. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a specialist. Her team were lovely, prompt and very professional.

"The communication has been wonderful. All my questions have been answered very quickly. The service has been very professional and friendly. The appointment was really helpful. I feel that I have been listened to and now feel that I have some positive options going forwards. The process has been explained clearly and I feel very well supported. I am very glad that I decided to book an appointment!"

"My first appointment with Dr Marlowe was set in a modern, relaxing private clinic. Dr Marlowe is friendly, down-to-earth, easy to talk to, professional and exhibits a sense of humour often lacking in your usual patient/consultant exchange. She really listens. And asks lots of questions. Dr Marlowe recommended a raft of blood tests that my GP had missed and outlined a potential course of treatment. I left her office feeling hopeful that for the first time in years, I may finally receive a diagnosis for this elusive, debilitating condition."

"I asked Dr Marlowe to investigate whether an underlying chronic infection might explain a downturn in my health over the past few years. Up to that point GP and private test results had all returned normal. Dr Marlowe did indeed find something: after a physical examination and a comprehensive range of tests an abnormal result and likely diagnosis came up: this led to my referral to a specialist in the relevant discipline.

Dr Marlowe’s investigation was thorough and methodical: numerous telephone reviews kept me well informed, all this being ably supported by Dr Marlowe’s secretary, Sarah.

Dr Marlowe has a very pleasant and engaging manner and a focused way of working so that the whole process moved forward quite quickly. I found her to be caring and professional and absolutely determined to understand what was wrong with me, which she did. I am very grateful for her invaluable help and support."

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